Social Events

We have regular socials through the university semesters and sometimes in the holidays too!
Check out the calendar to see what’s coming up!

We often gather in pubs, but we have a number of members who don’t drink alcohol and no one is under any obligation to drink anything they don’t want to.

Monday Pub

Our Social Secretary will select a different pub each week to attend on a Monday night, typically from 8 to 8.30pm. Keep an eye on the news page and your emails for which pub we’ll be going to!

Wednesday Pub

After pool training on a Wednesday night we frequent the Cobden View Inn in Crookes, this is typically from around 10pm (or after however long it takes us to get up from the pool).

Bi-Annual Meals

We have a Christmas Meal, in December, and a Summer Meal, in May or June, each year. These are usually the highlights of the SUSAC social calendar and are a chance to dress up, eat nice food and meet old and new SUSAC members who travel back to Sheffield just to attend.

Other Events

Other common events are post-trip curry nights, BBQs, cinema trips and sometimes more organised socials like ten-pin bowling! You’ll usually hear about these via the news page, Facebook or email.