A Week in the Life of SUSAC


Tonight is theory training night. This means that anyone learning the theory behind diving, whether you’re an ocean diver, sports diver or dive leader, should be sat in a lecture theatre come 7pm Monday night. Check out the training page so you know what’s happening.

You’ll be taught by instructors and they’ll have a presentation and maybe even some hands-on stuff for you to do! These lectures are paramount to passing your theory tests and are extremely useful.

But do not fear! Mondays aren’t all serious! Keep an eye out for emails from the social sec and check the socials page to find out what pub we’ll be heading to after lectures. Listen to everyone laughing about how your instructor couldn’t turn on the projector or hear tales from the dive trip that happened last weekend or even plan an event of your own!


Half way to Friday means pool time! Head down to the Union for 7:30pm to meet the walking bus or meet us at Ponds Forge at 8pm. This is when you’ll get to try out all those skills we learned about in theory lectures (much more fun though in the water though!). You may be paired with an instructor to try something new or just with a buddy to practise your skills!

All that splashing around is hard work so head up to the Cobden View Pub to hydrate yourself and if you’re lucky there’ll be a batch of chips waiting. Buy your instructor a pint and they might even sign your qualification record!


The weekends are made for dive trips! Whether we’re heading to Capernwray to test out all your skills, the Farnes Islands to play with seals or Menai to see a wreck or two, there’s always something happening.

Check out our trip archive for previous trips we’ve done, keep an eye on the training pages for any in-house courses and trip pages for real-life dive trips!