Where: Menai-the bit of sea around North West Wales and Anglesea.

When: 3-5 May 2014.

Who: Ross P (in his shoe)

Laura (gonna give you the) D

Graham (there to run) G


Jimmy (Carr) M

Jack (I am writing the report so you cant touch me bitches) W

Chris (Lactose genes to digest milk) T

Phil (Mr SUSAC 2013) C

Karl (505) W

Emily S (the woman with the 1 ton camera)

Jenny (the birthday girl) H

Ruth (popped her cherry) M

Organiser: Ross and Graham

Accommodation: Glan y Gors, Dinorwic.

Boat: Protector.

Skipper: Scott (sweary) Waterman.

Cost: £295 (diving, travel and food)

In the wake of Portugal we were all super keen to get diving, so everyone skived off Friday and headed over to North Wales at various points during the morning/afternoon. Our plan was to have a BBQ, however this was laid to rest when we saw not only the state of the poor old BBQ but also the sheep skull guarding it! Bangers and mash anyone?!?! Would you like some potato with that cream Laura???
Needless to say we were slightly disappointed when we learned that the annual algae bloom had occured early due to the mild winter, vis was gonna be bad. Bitch please, it’s gonna be no swell on the JEL.

Day 1.
Good lie in (much needed after the sleep debt we had racked up from the Chairman’s BDay barcrawl on the Thursday night) with a rope off at 11am to meet slack water.
Dive 1: Puffin Island.
Hopefully to play with some seals, but they were a bit frigid. I enjoyed bobbing on the surface with them also bobbing 5-20m away, ain’t no Farnes.
It was quite dark in the water, with the mixture of quite chunky low vis and no much light on the surface (it is wales after all)
Dive 2: Bottle Run.
An interesting dive site, a strip of sea bed running across the Menai Strait where the old ferry used to travel between 2 pubs. Drinkers used to throw their bottles into the sea when on the ferry, thus the sea bed has lots of old bottles (often home to blenny).
We however were here not for the bottles but for a drift dive. Not too aggressive as it was our first day, somewhere between 0-1 knots was encountered depending on how near the middle you dropped in.
I learned the value of a torch, as that is all I saw of my buddy for most of the dive, that fine beam of white indicating that my buddy was there through the dark clag of algae spunk.
Unfortunately no one found any bottles.

Day 2.
Another lie in for a 10am rope off (less kit faff as we left all stuff on boat) for a journey north round the coast in search of better visibility.
Dive 3: Freshwater bay.
A site reserved for when the conditions are really awful according to Scott-lucky us!
It was a lovely site on the surface, a beautiful bay with flat sea, high cliffs and lots of buoys marking lobster pots.
In the water we were not so lucky, with the same <1m visibility we had the day before, the site was also quite silty.
I imagine it would have potential to be a lovely site in good vis, strewn with boulders with lots of nooks and crannies to look in (I dropped my torch in 1 :S)
Dive 4: Hoveringham.
Planned to dive on slack-Scott, knowing SUSAC well, got us to start kitting up a good 45mins before slack water.
A shallow wreck of a 471 ton sand dredger, which protrudes above the water at low tide and is marked by a length of scaffold pole. It lies on its side with 1 huge open hold on one side and the anemone covered hull the other.
There is also a resident seal which lives in an air pocket (that gets fresh air twice a day) deep in the wreck.
It was a lovely dive, lots of life and a bit of tasty penetration. Some of the divers decided they liked it so much they would make their trio into a pair and stay down for an extra 10 mins.

Day 3.
Early start this morning to try to beat the BHM traffic in the afternoon (a successful plan). It was also Jenny’s birthday, I think we sang about that but I cant remember.
Dive 5: Another bloody drift.
I don’t really like drift diving. It scares me a little. But this was fun. Me and my buddy held hands as to not loose each other in the turbulent current, a plan which was very successful and reassuring.
Pairs travelled up to half a mile of mid green water flying between 0-2knots.
Dive 6: Bottle run wreck.
Back to the bottle run to dive a small wreck. Well only 1 pair found the wreck, the rest of us just gave in trying and did another little drift dive over the bottle run.
This time a little more productive, with people surfacing with bottles, a jar and a smoking pipe.

Diving summary: the divers did well in difficult conditions. Everyone had fun dives, with my highlight being the

Special mentions go to:

Ross for guiding Graham and Ruth through running his first trip and her first sea dives respectively.

Laura for travelling all the way from Glasgow to dive with us yet again and for trying to give us all a cream overdose in the mash.

Graham for helping to organise the trip and driving the van.

Alana for providing a yummy lasagna.

Jimmy for not getting too drunk and making a shitting good bolognese.

Jack for writing the trip report.

Chris for taking the bullet and putting up with Graham’s snoring.

Phil for providing endless amusement, he will be a great No Kit Officer.

Karl for following me into the scary dark hold on the Hoveringham

Emily for holding my hand.

Jenny for providing her own Birthday cake.

Ruth for losing her sea diving and Game of Thrones virginity.