Where: Diving the St Abbs Marine reserve out of Eyemouth Harbour

When: 12th-14th September

Who: Jimmy M, Josh C, Josh S, Laura D, Becky W, Chris T, Rory W, Jack H, Chris A, Dave K, Claudius K, Karl W.

Organiser: Jimmy M, Josh C

Accommodation: Home Arms B&B and Eye Sleep Over

Boat: Wavedancer I

Skipper: Gary

After kit faffing on Thursday night we loaded the van up Friday afternoon and had a 4.5 hour blast up the motorway, reconvening in the car park outside the Home Arms with a brief get together in Burger King at Scotch Corner.

Following a swift chip shop run to get some deep fried haggis and settling into our rooms we headed off to the pub to await the arrival of Dave K (he arrived at midnight!), as we had an afternoon rope off the next day.


Day 1: Despite the late rope off, there was an upsettingly early start for a cooked breakfast in the Home Arms.  Afterwards there was time for a spot of rockpooling before kitting up and heading out on the boat.


Dive 1: West Hurker: This was perhaps my favourite dive site of the weekend, the vis was fairly good (~10m) and the site was stunning. Lots of gulleys and walls covered in corals, with crabs and lobsters in practically every sheltered hidey hole. Dave K led me partway into a very scary dark cave that was sadly lacking in wolf fish.


Surface interval was spent spent having a well earned cuppa and examining the impressive haul of Mackeral Laura had managed to catch whilst we were diving!


Dive 2: Black Carrs: Slightly worse vis than earlier, but just as much life. We swam along a wall full of interesting dark spaces and then turned round and let the current gently pull us over the reef, popping in and out of deeper gullys as we did so. We managed to stumble across Monty and Caludius as they found a Wolf fish too!

We got back to dry land with about 45 minutes until our restaurant


booking, so after hanging up drysuits in the drying room at Home Arms there was just enough time for a quick shower before heading out to Oblo, where we stayed for a very long time, and for some reason the referendum kept coming up…

Day 2: 9am rope off so breakfast was at 7, which some members of the trip didn’t make it down to!

Dive 3: Anenome Gully: A more open divesite then the previous day, we went along the bottom of a wall until we reached 20m (my depth limit!) and had to turn round. Drifted over some more reef, the highlight being spotting a flatfish.

Dive 4: Postbox and Boilers: This dive started with a narrow swimthrough (the postbox) which was very pretty and had a fair few interesting fish in that I don’t know the name of. This led over to the Boiler(s), the remains of an old ship no one seems to remember the name of that sank full of penuts! The boiler was covered in soft corals, and the surrounding seabed was teeming with lobsters and crabs.


After getting back to the harbour, we loaded kit straight back onto the van, Laura pausing to feed the Eyemouth Fat Seal one of the fish she’d caught!, and blasted back down the motorway (depsite the A1 being partially closed!) to Sheffield.


Thanks go to Jimmy and Josh C for organising a cracking trip,  Chris A and Dave K for coming on the trip last minute so Becky W and I (novices) could go diving, and Chris T for taking cool pictures.