Meet the Committee

The SUSAC Committee
Dan Pitchforth

Likes: Bikes, octopus
Dislikes: Steps, nets
Thomas Lemmon
Jacob Peers-Dent

Emma Keeley
Keeliae penetratus
(Penetrating Keeley Fish)
Likes: Whisky, 'special' equipment, signing your books.
Dislikes: Broken cars, the kit store, being wet.
The Diving Officer
Arne Rai-Quantrill
Training Officer
Alana Dempsey
Bossiae scousia

(Scousey Boss Fish)
Likes: Baking, Ryan Gosling, Archers & lemonade.
Dislikes: Disorganisation, being cold, faffing.
General Member - Alana

Jeremy Parker

Recruitment & Publicity Officer and Welfare
Anna Richmond
James Montgomery
General Members
Emily Holtham
James Hutton

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