I’ve dived before!

We love it when qualified divers want to come and join SUSAC and hopefully this page will answer any questions you might have, but if there’s anything you’re still not sure about please don’t hesitate to contact our training team via email at training@susac.com.

I’ve already got a BSAC qualification, what do I do?

If you’re already qualified with BSAC then you can just pick up where you left off, whether that means continuing your training or just coming diving! We’ll want to see your BSAC Qualification Record Book and we’ll normally ask you to do a check-out dive with one of our instructors.

I’ve already got a qualification from another dive agency, what do I do?

If you’re already qualified with another agency, like PADI, NAUI or CMAS, you can pick up your training at the equivalent BSAC level just by crossing over to BSAC. We’ll want to see evidence of your qualification and we’ll normally ask you to attend a couple of theory sessions to familiarise you with BSAC as well as a check-out dive. We love introducing divers with qualifications earned in warm and temperate waters to all that UK diving has to offer!

I’ve dived before, but don’t have a qualification, what do I do?

Unfortunately if you haven’t got a qualification then BSAC state that you need to start your dive training from the beginning, although if you have some experience you should progress through the early stages of your training well

What advanced training can I do with SUSAC?

If you’re already at BSAC Sports Diver level then you can think about progressing further, initially towards your Dive Leader qualification and then later to Advanced Diver level. SUSAC can support divers working towards these qualifications, through in-house Skills Development Courses (SDCs), advanced open-water training and experience gained on dive trips, although at this stage of training there is more responsibility on the trainee to lead their own development. Check out our advanced training page for more information.

How can I become an instructor?

If you’re at BSAC Sports Diver level you can attend the Instructor Foundation Course (IFC), this is a two-day course that is the first step on the BSAC instructor ladder. Many divers who attend this course, even those who don’t plan to instruct regularly, say it’s one of the best courses offered by BSAC and the skills taught are widely applicable outside of diving.

What is a Skills Development Course?

SDCs cover a wide range of areas outside of standard training, from non-standard equipment to fixing engines and from driving boats to managing rescues. SUSAC offers some SDCs in-house, but divers can also attend courses run at regional level by BSAC Yorkshire (or other regions). Details of all the SDCs can be found on the BSAC website.