We own a full range of high quality dive kit that is regularly serviced and maintained for the benefit of our members. Members can use all unreserved kit free of charge, in line with our kit policy.

We have:

  • Twelve 15 litre Faber cylinders with DIN fittings, cleaned for NITROX.
  • Ten 15 litre Euro cylinders with DIN fittings, cleaned for NITROX.
  • Twenty DIN Apeks cold water regulators.
  • Fifteen Halcyon Infinity single-tank wings with integrated weight pockets.
  • Two AP Buddy Tekwings.
  • Three AP Buddy Commandos.
  • Six AP Buddy Slimline BCDs.
  • Ten standard weight belts.
  • Five Bowstone pocket weight belts.
  • Solid lead weight blocks and lead shot weight bags.
  • Emergency oxygen administration equipment with constant flow masks and demand valve.
  • Two waterproof first aid kits.
  • Oxygen analyser.
  • Three SMB reels.
  • Toolkits and various tools.
  • Three standard “gear gulpers” and one oversized “gear gulper” for kit transportation.
  • Various pool fins for sheltered water training sessions.

The club kit is continually updated and replaced as necessary to ensure that our members have safe and reliable equipment available at all times.

To request kit, please contact the Equipment Officer at equipment@susac.com

All kit requests are subject to the approval of the equipment officer and the diving officer.

Club Kit Stores

SUSAC’s main kit store is located on the University of Sheffield Goodwin Sports Centre site and is only accessible through prior arrangement with the Equipment Officer and with the following conditions:

Either the Equipment Officer, or a Committee member representing the Equipment Officer, must be present whilst the Store is open.

The Kit Store is only accessible between 9am-8pm (M-F) and 9am-5pm (weekends), subject to time commitments of the Equipment Officer and other committee members (evening and weekend access is usually preferred).

Out-of-hours storage can be arranged in advance with the Equipment Officer.