Where: Eyemouth/St Abbs, nr Berwick, Scotland (East Side), UK, Europe, Eurasian Plate, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, The Universe
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When: 3-4 Aug 2013

Who: SUSAC’s finest – Gareth J, Emma K, Chris A, Soo P, Jack CW, James M, Claudius K, Emily H, Christine T, Jasmin K, Jonny L and Josh C.

Organiser: Ross P – So organised he didn’t come (on the trip).

Accommodation: The Home Arms Guest House

Boat: Wavedancer III

Skipper: Billy Aitchison

Deckhand: Dougie – Spoke perfect Scottish but little English and seems to think that I was happy with a Coffee when the tea ran out… he was right.

Cost: £200 + food and booze

With various departures from Sheffield we all arrived in Eyemouth at different times, some on Friday evening, some on Saturday morning. Eyemouth is pretty typical and quaint for a Scottish fishing town; pubs, restaurants, drunks, Scottish people and DIVING! We were based at the Home Arms Guest House which was ideal and suited our needs. Family run with great rooms, clean, friendly staff and fry up (Scottish style) for breakfast; everything you need on a dive trip. Situated throwing distance from the sea and a short walk to the boat it’s in a great place – ample parking outside.

Day Uno

We started pretty late in the day with a 1300hr ropes off! What?! I hear you say. Bitch please, this ain’t Batten. Morning walk along the coast then we sorted ourselves out SUSAC style. This involves the normal case of SUSAC unloading a van and taking over half the car park, moving kit to allow cars to drive past, casual stripping, confused looks from passers by, too much stripping, donning smelly under suits and standard posing from those with awesome dry suits. SUSAC HAVE ARRIVED!

Dives: Black Carr and Weasel Loch.   Great first dive, we were blessed with awesome weather and fantastic viz – 15 meters in places.What?! I hear you say again. Bitch please, this ain’t Batten.  We had the boat to ourselves so had ample room on a boat which couldn’t be any bigger for a dive boat.  For those who haven’t been to St Abbs it is spoilt with life and as a marine reserve is  heavily protected. With ample of lobsters, crabs, Wolf fish, Anemones, Dead man fingers, sponges and various other life – there was plenty to see. All having completed roughly two lots of 60 minute dives we headed back for tea and medals – tea mainly for me.

Dinner: Ross had booked us in at a lovely little place called Oblò. Great food at reasonable prices. No complaints. Onwards to the pub where the discovery of £1.25 Gin and Tonics (not real tonic) was celebrated by all.  This weekend was last two days of the annual Eyemouth Herring Festival so their was a great vibe and most of the town was on the lash! Wheeeeyyy! Even the kids (not so much Wheeeyyy).

Day dos

Early start. Balls. £1.25 g&t wasn’t such a great idea, neither was Emily’s jam whisky. Started with a fry up then onwards to the boat. As we were the last to dive the day before and the first to dive the day after their was little kit faff as non of it was offloaded. What?! I hear you say. Bitch please, this ain’t Batten.

Dives: Skellies and Petticoe Wick.    2 more fantastic dives with epic life and great viz.  Sun shinning and a bit of rain (yes it did rain Chris). Two 60 min dives again with various Wolf fish sightings. Water temp varied between 12 and 16 degrees pending where you were.  Petticoe Wick had a great swim through and two boilers nearby from an old wreck.

Trip end: Kit packed, more nakedness, road domination of kit and general faff we headed back to Sheffield where we had Beer and Burgers.

Overall a fantastic trip. Massive thanks to Ross for organising and for the people who went. Dive trips in the UK are all about having a laugh with your mates as well as diving. We were spoilt with great weather and viz. For those who have only done inland and Batten then i (and others) can guarantee that there is brilliant diving around the UK. This trip is perfect for those new to sea diving. With plenty to see at shallow depths this is perfect for Ocean divers. I did my first sea dive at St Abbs and was spoilt with the conditions we had on this trip. With a great and easy set up this area is worth a visit/dive at least once a year.