When: 28th December 2012 – 2nd January 2013
Where: Lochaline, Sound of Mull
Weather: Damp and Moist
Accommodation: Lochaline Dive Centre
Boat: Sound Diver 1
Skipper: Mark Lawrence
Divers: Emma K, Gareth J, Alana D, Josh S, Jack CW, Amy “Chanters” C, Ross P, Soo P, Hannah “Duggers” D, Richard W, Yvonne P and Arne P.
Sites: Hispania, Shuna, Thesis, Rondo, Ardtournish Bay and Carve Island.
Booze: Plenty
Food: Awesome
Summary: Wet, Rainy, Awesome, Pissed, Naked, Gorged, Gangram, Awesome, Port and actual diving!
Gareth says:
After a close examine of the Met office and discussions with Mark we made the journey up to Lochaline through torrential rain and the ghetto known as Glasgow. There initially were concerns that diving would be limited and blown out. This would scare some away but who the f*@k are we kidding. We are SUSAC!
We were accompanied by 2 of Rich’s GUE friends and their son who the final two spaces.
After unpacking the copious amount of food and booze we settled in. The weather wasn’t looking great however we were still managed and briefed by the appointed DM’s (Alana, Jack and Chanters) – Great job guys.
First Day (29th) consisted of the Rondo and Shuna – both great dives though i sadly didn’t see much of the Shuna due to slight shot line issues and us not holding on…. basically Han’s fault
Second Day  (30th)- Blown out sadly – got drunk instead and recovered.
Third Day (NY EVE!) involved the Shuna (made it that time) and the Thesis – both great dives but a bit darl – a reason for having a good torch ;-). The Shuna is an old coal ship which still has its hold full of coal. The Thesis is a personal favourite as you can swim easily within the wreck through the ribs and is stunning in decent sunlight with tons of growth.
NY eve celebrations! – Excellent fun. Littered most of the West coast with Chinese lanterns! Naked swimming and minor lacerations to someone’s feet. BON!
Fourth Day (NY DAY!).  Due to us being blown out we had a slight change of plan which involved diving on NY day. None of us *cough* were hungover we all behaved and dived responsibly. Dove the Hispania which again is a brilliant wreck. Finished the day with a nice shallow scallop dive which were promptly eaten that evening – thank you Jen Swanson for the scallop recipe.
Fifth Day (Last Day 🙁 ). Last day. First dive was Carve Island – Nice wall dive with some life. Seals on the surface. Again slight issue finding the wall. Turns out being dropped in the shallow end involves 35m! Thanks Mark!. Quick lunch time stop at Tobermory (Balamory for all you kids). Final dive of the trip involved the Hispania. This had to be, in my opinion, the BEST dive of the trip. Stunning wreck, slack water, good vis, excellent – tres bon!
Back to the dive centre for tea and medals.
Another boozey gorged evening.
Drive back to Sheffield for more tea, medals and Thai food.
Overall this was a great trip. Though the weather wasn’t great we still did 8 dives. Amongst great friends, excellent food and more booze, this was an excellent way to break in the NY.
Thank you to Em for organising everything and the 3 dive marshals. Big thank you to everyone for helping out with food, social antics, shit head and singing. Great week,