Menai Bridge – November 2011

Accommodation:Bangor Travelodge
SkipperScott Waterman, Protector
Dive sites: The wrecks of the Delphina, Hoveringham and Cartahenia and the seal dive at Puffin Island.
Divers: Emma Keeley, Gareth Jones, Chris Aspinal, Martin Wilson, Duncan Gilby, Ross Peel, Mike Koziara.
Water conditions: Flat calm and good viz!
Weather conditions: Unbelievably good, blue skies and sunshine and no wind!

Emma says:

In all honesty I wasn’t expecting much from this trip, having just landed back from a trip to the Philippines I was expecting an icy return to UK diving.  I was actually very pleasantly surprised by clear blue skies and sunshine in North Wales in November and a fantastic trip!

The Travelodge provided clean, warm rooms at a cheap price.  Breakfast isn’t included in the room price but is available next door in the Little Chef.  Martin and Ross found a pretty good pub, the Vaynol Arms,  which is a short drive from the Travelodge and has good, reasonably priced food.

The Delphina had the potential to be a really good dive, but to get the most out of it you should really take plenty of gas and nitrox to get a decent amount of bottom time.  Not suitable for single 12L!   In contrast the Hoverinham is extremely shallow, starting in 6m with the tide going out throughout the dive.  The top of the boat is actually clear of the surface and you can surface in air pockets inside the hull.  The seals at Puffin Island weren’t as numerous or as keen to play as they have been at other times of the year, but still good fun playing with the ones that were around.  The final dive of the trip was the Cartahenia, another good wreck but again fairly deep so plan your gas well.

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